The Anchorage Passes Fourth Reading

The final reading at City Council marks an exciting step for The Anchorage.

There are multiple stages to construction, and before you can even put a shovel in the ground, there’s a lot of plan review, consultation and discussion that has to happen at a city level. So it was with great excitement for L’Arche on January 24 when City Council successfully passed property rezoning for the future construction of The Anchorage, L’Arche’s $3.5 million campaign to create independence and community for those with diverse abilities in the Valley.

The successful fourth reading allows L’Arche to apply for a building permit with the City.


A Chance to Understand Each Other

The city works to ensure that stakeholders – those who have an interest in the neighbourhood – have the opportunity to ask questions and have their concerns heard. To engage with neighbours and other interested people and groups, L’Arche was required to hold an Open House to publicly share its plans for construction and operation. “We actually held two Open Houses,” says Hollee Card, L’Arche’s Community Leader & Executive Director. “We want to be transparent. Both Open Houses were well attended by interested stakeholders such as neighbours, the local Indigenous school and Community Living BC.”

In 2023 The Anchorage plans were reviewed by City Council to address any concerns that could arise. For instance, a common challenge with rezoning can be additional traffic. For L’Arche, whose I Belong Centre and I Belong Suites already reside in the neighbourhood, this won’t raise an issue as The Anchorage residents wouldn’t drive and the traffic created by the new building would be no different than existing traffic.

Hollee says L’Arche continues to share its plans with anyone who is interested or has additional questions. “Even though the open house process is over, we are very open to talking about our project and hearing from people and groups who need or want more information.” 

Currently the property where The Anchorage will be built is a residential two-zone (R2) on Grieve Avenue. L’Arche applied to the City to rezone for a 16-unit multi-residential development, for adults with diverse abilities, which will include a duplex, four-plex, and an amenity building with a suite for a support person.


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