Has this happened to you? You hear a tune from years ago and suddenly you are transported back in time, your energy is renewed and your spirit lifts. That’s the power of music, and thats why it’s so important at L’Arche. 

L’Arche provides opportunities to experience music through singing, playing instruments, dance and other movement. Musicians sometimes make guest appearances at the
I Belong Centre and you never know when you’ll hear an old favourite on the piano resonating through the Centre. 

This is all good news because music can provide us with a sense of comfort, social connection, energy and joy. Studies show that when we listen to music, dance, or sing our brain releases endorphins, a chemical that increases our feeling of well-being and helps to block discomfort. This would explain why parents will sing to even the youngest baby. And the hormone cortisol, that contributes to stress in the body, is decreased when people sing together or listen to music in groups.  

Just Go With the Flow

Deirdre Pitre is a great person to talk to about music. Deirdre, who studied Special Education, found her niche as a Support Worker and shares her time and talent with L’Arche. You’ll find Deirdre at the I Belong Centre weekly with the person she supports and volunteering.   

Deirdre plays the ukelele and is learning the djembe (pronounced jem-bay) – a West African drum. She encourages people to listen to music, make their own, and just go with the flow.  

“We use music at L’Arche to entertain, create fun, recall good memories and encourage rhythm and movement.” says Deirdre. “There are some people at the Centre who are normally quite subdued, but if you put the right song on, their whole face lights up!”  

And while Deirdre is not known to make trouble, she does create “treble” on her ukelele, performing at the I Belong Centre with a small group of friends whenever they can. “We play easy tunes that people love to sing along with and tap their feet. It’s such a fun, positive way for everyone to share time together.”

Deirdre currently holds a ”Music and Movement” class on Tuesday afternoons at the I Belong Centre. People of all abilities are welcome. To learn more give us a call at 250.871.6288