February 1 – 29, 2024

Your Hot Chocolate Guide

If you have any dietary concerns or restrictions, please be sure to talk to your server before ordering.

Bean Around the World

L’Arche Hot Chocolate

This drink will make you feel warm and cozy like you just paid a visit to L’Arche Comox Valley! Traditional hot chocolate never disappoints with it’s rich and creamy flavour.

Bean Around the World is located amongst the hustle and bustle of Courtenay’s Cliffe Avenue. It’s a friendly place where you can keep yourself caffeinated while meeting with friends and family or just kicking back.

2104 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay
– Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm, Saturday 8am – 4pm, Sunday 9am – 4pm

Bigfoot Donuts

Tuxedo Hot Chocolate

Wow! Frothy steamed milk mixed with house made dark chocolate syrup and creamy Callebaut white chocolate callets. This delicacy is topped with Bigfoot’s house vanilla-infused whipped cream, and finished with white-dark chocolate crispearls (topper not gluten-free).

Bigfoot Donuts was created based on a life-long love of baking by its owners Lindsey and Jay. Bigfoot brings quality, hand-crafted, made from scratch donuts to the Valley with an offering of delectable drinks that have to be tasted first hand.

477 Fifth St., Courtenay
– Tuesday to Friday 7am – 2:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am – 2:30pm, Monday closed

Browns Socialhouse Courtenay

Double Chocolate Social Swirl

Our rich hot chocolate base, topped with marble chocolate curls, delivers a decadent blend that delights the senses in every sip. Perfect for chilly days or sweet escapes with friends. It’s the ultimate indulgence for any occasion.

Browns Socialhouse Courtenay is a stylish yet relaxed environment that is the perfect balance between upscale casual dining and a neighbourhood pub. A great place to enjoy a meal or just stop in for a drink and a chat.

1661 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay
– Monday to Friday 11am – midnight, Saturday and Sunday 10am – midnight

Church Street Bakery

Chocolate Croissant

A fresh and inviting chocolate-filled croissant! You’ll love this buttery, flaky pastry drizzzzzled with chocolate and lovingly sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Church Street Bakery believes thinking small scale and local is the best way to achieve big things. They are Comox Valley’s only wood-fired bakery and pizzeria. Ethical and sustainable are part of their mantra. Visit their partner store Cumberland Village Bakery.

221A Church St., Comox
– Tuesday to Thursday 8am – 7pm, Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 7pm, Sunday and Monday closed

Compass General Store Grocery & Kitchen

Compass Chillin’ Choco Chai

A gourmet white or dark chocolate with coconut whipped cream, colourful stevia sprinkles and a touch of spice with chai for those chilly winter days – a sweet and tempting experience.

Compass General Store Grocery & Kitchen welcomes you to a curated selection of gourmet and gluten-free foods. Compass takes pride in catering to different dietary needs and preferences. You have to visit Compass to appreciate the variety they bring to the Comox Valley.

101 – 1811 Comox Ave., Comox
– Monday to Friday 10am – 5:30pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm, Sunday closed

Cumberland Village Bakery

Chocolatey Dipped Donut

This is an awesome treat! The famous Cumberland donut, light and fluffy like a cloud, dipped in fresh chocolate. Definitely worth the trip!

Cumberland Village Bakery has been in operation since the early 1900s and adds to the charm of the legendary village. The bakery is a great supporter of the community and its people. Visit their partner store Church Street Bakery in Comox.

2747 Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
– Tuesday to Saturday 8am – 5pm, Sunday and Monday closed

Dark Side Chocolates

Biscoff Please!

Yum… Lotus Biscoff cookie butter adds a warm, cinnamon-y twist to this delicious hot chocolate. Topped off with house made marshmallows, this is a drink you’ll be dreaming about.

Hi Barbie!

Think Pink! Ruby chocolate makes this drink a thing of beauty. And with the whip and sparkles, you’ll feel like you’re sipping your way into Barbie Land.

Dark Side Chocolates in Cumberland is a boutique chocolaterie and cafe that proudly makes all of their confections in small batches, each one being a work of art. Real food ingredients and the best organic, fair-trade chocolate, Dark Side’s creations are full of love and magic.

2722 Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
– Tuesday to Sunday 9am – 5pm, Monday closed

Honey Grove Bakery

Hot Chocolate – The Pastry

This hot chocolate-inspired pastry is a decadent, layered, twice-baked Pain Au Chocolat filled with fudgy brownie, dark chocolate ganache and whipped cream. Topped with a little bit more of everything, this pastry is sure to give you the feel of the sipping version.

Honey Grove Bakery is a hidden gem. Located in the industrial district of Courtenay, the artisan bakery creates small batch sourdough breads and pastries. The style, spirit and dedication of this bakery is worth the stop.

#4 – 2441 Cousins Ave., Courtenay
– Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm

Hot Chocolates

Cinnamon Chai Hot Chocolate

Rich, dark chocolate ganache in steamed milk sets the scene for this ultra-flavourful experience. Whipped cream and shaved chocolate tops it all off for a creamy adventure.

White Chocolate Rose Hot Chocolate

The whisper of rose with a white, light chocolate flavour in a steamed milk. Whipped cream and chocolate shavings complete this chocolate dream.

Hot Chocolates began many years ago on Denman Island thanks to a love of chocolate. Today, this family-owned shop is guided by the traditions of artisan chocolatiers, which starts with the finest, freshest ingredients. Drop by for a visit and see all of the delights they have to offer.

368 Fifth St., Courtenay
– Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm, Sunday closed

Mignon & Kie

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Earthy beetroot notes and dark chocolate feature in this dreamy hot chocolate. Kissed with cream cheese frosting, this is the kind of drink you find at the end of a rainbow.

Mignon & Kie is a family-owned cafe deli that you just have to visit! When you walk into this coffee shop and cafe, you’re greeted by the aroma of fresh, quality coffee beans and the beautiful aroma of South African influenced food.

334 Fifth St., Courtenay
– Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm, Sunday closed

Milano Coffee Comox Valley

Hedgehog Hot Chocolate

Milano’s well-loved hot chocolate with extra love, hazelnut syrup, chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. This drink will take you to a heavenly place where you’ll have sweet dreams.

Milano Coffee Comox Valley is all about passion. The Milano taste was developed from a century of artisanship in the Italian tradition. Their love of not only coffee but the community makes a visit to Milano a joy. Delizioso!

#1130 – 2525 Mission Rd., Courtenay
– Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am – 5pm

Rhodos Coffee & Bistro

S’Mores Rhodos

Just as the name suggests, more from Rhodos in S’Mores form. A campfire blend of chocolate and roasted marshmallows with creamy whipped topping, mini marshmallows and a graham cracker topper. Just like camping without a wet tent.

Rhodos Coffee & Bistro provides the Valley with some of the most flavourful beverages and freshest food. It’s a place to gather with family and friends after a long hike, a day at the water or simply when you’re looking for a friendly place to sit for awhile.

#103 – 364 Eighth St., Courtenay
– Daily 8am – 3pm


(Cliff Avenue location)

Peppermint Mocha

You’re on the go but you still want a chocolatey way to warm up. This drink is a refreshing blend of cool peppermint, rich cocoa and fresh-brewed coffee. And during the Festival your hot chocolate comes with a cookie!

7-Eleven needs little introduction. They pride themselves on fast, convenient, friendly service and they’re happy to support their community wherever they can.

2295 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay
– Daily 24 hours

The Mill Coffee

S’Mores Hot Chocolate

A cozy experience where crackling flames illuminate laughter and the sweet aroma of toasted marshmallows fill the air.

The Mill Coffee is a creative minded hub in the heart of Comox. Their goal is to provide an inviting place where you can take a moment out of your busy life and connect with friends. Family-owned and operated, The Mill Coffee welcomes you into their community.

1761C Comox Ave., Comox
– Monday to Friday 7am – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am – 6pm

The Twisted Mint Café

Double Oreo Hot Chocolate

Oreo cookie fans unite! This well-loved and iconic cookie sets the scene for a cookie-flavoured hot chocolate! To make this a drink to remember, it’s topped off with whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, and you guessed it… an oreo cookie!

The Twisted Mint Café is a bright deli-style eatery just off the beaten path of 5 Street in Courtenay. It’s a good place to sit and enjoy a meal or stop by for a beverage with a friend, or on your own, if you just want to sit for a while.

545 Duncan Ave., Courtenay
– Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm, Sunday 9am – 2pm

Whole Glow Cafe

Fudgy Vegan Brownie

This is the ultimate vegan brownie. Seriously fudgy and decadent. It’s gluten-free, plant-based and refine sugar-free. We promise it will knock your socks off!

Whole Glow Cafe is in the heart of Cumberland. This 100% plant-based cafe offers a variety of scratch-made Buddah bowls, salads, paninis, soup, baking, smoothies, juices and hot drinks. Cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, mostly gluten-free, made with love.

2713 Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
– Tuesday to Friday 11am – 4pm, Saturday to Monday closed

Yummies & Gyros Greek Cafe

Greek Goddess Delight

A traditional cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows accompanied by a homemade baklava tart cheesecake – a delicious, unique blend of flavours.

Chocolate Hommus & Hot Choco

A bit unexpected, this chocolatey spin on a savory dip has a creamy texture that makes you want to keep eating. Partnered with a pita bread or gluten-free rice pita for dipping and a creamy hot chocolate for sipping!

Yummies & Gyros Greek Cafe is an authentic Greek cafe, locally owned and operated since 1999. The cafe serves a selection of gyros, donairs, falafels, gluten-free rice wraps and desserts. A great place to visit for lunch, a snack or an early dinner. Drive thru and delivery available 250.338.2299

279 Puntledge Rd., Courtenay
Hours – Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5pm, Sunday & Monday closed


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