February 1 – 29, 2024

VEndor information

For the month of February, participating cafés, restaurants and chocolatiers across the Valley are offering their own signature hot chocolate beverages for patrons to enjoy.

Join this new Comox Valley winter tradition.

Vendor Guide

Held in different communities across Canada, hot chocolate festivals are proving popular with eat-in and take-out patrons looking for a fun way to socialize while supporting a good cause. Currently the closest hot chocolate festivals are in Vancouver, Squamish, and the Okanagan.


* For the month of February, participating vendors in the Comox Valley are offering a hot chocolate beverage with their own unique twist. Each business designs at least one beverage, gives it a unique name, establishes their selling price and registers it with L’Arche Comox Valley through our registration form.

* The event is promoted valley-wide by L’Arche Comox Valley leading up to the event and for the month. Promotion includes local radio, social media, newspaper, posters around town, e-billboards and more.

* Patrons are encouraged to visit multiple vendors to try different beverages and get involved by sharing on social media and rating their drinks. In March, the vendors with drinks rated tops by festival participants will be awarded bragging rights, receiving special mentions from the Festival, an e-badge and a certificate for posting.


Vendors – What’s In It For Me?

* Align your business with and support a good cause.

* Draw in patrons with the potential to sell more than hot chocolate.

* Inexpensive advertising – The entry fee is $45. Your business name, logo, address and drink will appear on the festival’s Google Hot Chocolate Map located on the festival webpage.


How Does L’Arche Cover Costs and Raise Funds?
* Vendor registration fees

* At least $1 to $3 of every hot chocolate sold is donated to L’Arche Comox Valley by the vendors.

* Bonus! People across the Valley gain a greater awareness of L’Arche and its involvement in the community.


Terms and Conditions

1. Timing – The Festival runs from February 1 to 29, 2024. The vendor’s signature beverage must be available to customers each day that they are open for business.

2. To register your drink with the Festival, you must complete the registration form and pay a registration fee. The fee, payable to L’Arche Comox Valley is $45 before January 10, 2024 and $65 for later registration. Once you have registered, your drink will be put onto the Festival website / Google Hot Chocolate Map.

3. Other chocolatey options – In the event that a vendor does not sell hot chocolate, there is the option to offer another drink or dessert that aligns with the theme of hot chocolate. This option will be treated like the hot chocolate beverages, including registration fee, pricing of the beverage/dessert, donation amount made to L’Arche Comox Valley, etc.

4. Pricing your beverage – Signature drink prices and the donation amount should be set within the following ranges:

* Retail cost $1 to $7 – Minimum donation per cup = $1

* Retail cost $7.01 to $12 – Minimum donation per cup = $2

* Retail cost $12.01 + – Minimum donation per cup = $3

5. Donations from the sale of all hot chocolate beverages must be received by L’Arche Comox Valley by Monday, March 18, 2024. It takes an immense amount of time to run the festival and we rely on your willingness to support L’Arche when reporting sales and submitting donations.

6. Tax receipts – In accordance with Canada Revenue guidelines, vendors will receive a tax receipt for the total dollar amount of drink donations made. The registration fee is not tax deductible through L’Arche.

7. Naming your beverage – In the event that two vendor’s beverages have names that are too similar, the second vendor to register will be asked to give their beverage a different name.

8. Customer ratings of beverages and treats – Patrons will be encouraged to visit the Festival webpage to rate each treat they purchase. All ratings must be submitted by customers who purchased and/or tasted the beverage. Duplicate ratings are not permitted. Vendors may encourage customers to rate their drink on the festival website, but cannot go online themselves and provide ratings.

9. Sponsors – L’Arche Comox Valley can include sponsors in the Festival to help cover costs and support the event.

10. Marketing – L’Arche will provide electronic and paper marketing materials, including the festival logo that must be used in promotions by vendors.

To help create energy and traffic around their business and the festival, vendors are encouraged to invite patrons to try their drink(s) via the vendor’s website, blog and/or social media, menu/sandwich boards and server suggestion.

Building Your Winning Beverage!



The creation of your signature beverage should be fun! Maybe get your staff and dedicated customers involved. Anticipate new customers arriving to try your beverage. Getting your drink right and promoting it is an opportunity for new business.

Make Sure It’s Delicious! Whether it’s something completely new or a twist on a classic, taste comes first.

Make It Photogenic! Good looking beverages turn heads and make customers want to give them a try.

Give it a memorable name! “Creamy Hot Chocolate” won’t cut it. Give your creation a fun and memorable name.

Promote your participation and signature drink!

  • Use your website and social media.
  • Put up the festival poster on your door and put out the festival tent cards on your counter and tables.
  • Add your hot chocolate beverage to your menu and chalkboard.
  • Ask your servers to mention your special drink to patrons.


Customers will tell their friends and family!

Patrons are encouraged to rate their drinks and share the fun with people they know.

Vendor Registration Form - Comox Valley Hot Chocolate Fest

The information you provide below will be used to create your business profile on our Google Hot Chocolate Map. Customers will use the map to find you and learn more about your hot chocolatey creation. Make sure your drink name and description are deliciously tempting.

Business Information

Accepted file types: jpg, png, svg, pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.
What is your business address?(Required)
Who at your business can we reach out to before and during the festival if needed?

Beverage Information

Please include price for different sizes as necessary.
(50 words or less)

Registration Fee + Promo Material

I have read the terms and conditions of festival participation.(Required)
Our business will donate a portion of each festival product sale (drink or other hot chocolate-related treat) to L’Arche Comox Valley, and receive a tax donation in return.(Required)
As a participating vendor, I understand that this registration for the Comox Valley Hot Chocolate Festival is not complete until our $45 registration fee (paid by January 10, 2024) or $65 (paid after January 10) is received by L’Arche Comox Valley.
Price: $ 45.00 CAD
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Thank You for Supporting a Good Cause!

Imagine a world that has room for everyone, where differences are celebrated, where you are welcomed as you are. That’s the dream L’Arche pursues every day.

Your drink donations will help L’Arche Comox Valley to support adults in the Valley living with intellectual disabilities.