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Donor Communications Developer

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Update and develop Sumac donor database, doing data entry and transferring the necessary information to make Sumac the go-to source for all information about donors or any sort – private, business, grantors. 
  2. Make formal connections between existing events, campaigns, activities, grant writing, the webpage, the volunteer database, L’ArcheWorx Collective and QuickBooks, so all relevant info is streaming into Sumac in as simple a process as possible.
  3. Identify key donor profile for L’Arche CV and the best means of reaching out to that demographic. Identify other donor profiles and groups within Sumac for more tailored, less wasteful, communications.
  4. Update and develop the L’Arche CV webpage donation platform.
  5. Identify and develop an email communications platform to reach existing donors.
  6. Attend Development Committee meetings to update the DC on progress of work and to better understand the uses of Sumac for and by the DC.
Role Description:
The Donor Communications Developer would work closely with the Development Committee, as well as the Administrative Assistant.
The position will include approximately 350 hours of work, some of which could be done from home. It is estimated that the work could be accomplished in a three month (full time) or six month (part time) contract, depending on the individual hired. At the end of the initial phase, there would be negotiations for 
  1. an extension for the completion of the existing work, 
  2. a possible phase 2 contract that would include building connections with local businesses, legacy giving, and work on existing L’Arche CV fundraising initiatives, or 
  3. termination.
Responsible to:
Community Leader. 

Skills & Abilities:

  • computer skills – familiarity with digital databases, online donation platforms, some knowledge of Quickbooks and Square
  • detail-oriented and thorough
  • accurate and reasonably quick data entry skills
  • ability to see the whole picture and how the tasks at hand fit into it
  • understanding of the unique constraints and dynamics of a not-for-profit service provider
  • reasonably good communicator, able to explain well to others

Hours of work:
See above. Suggested hours would overlap with Administrative Assistant and/or Policy, Grants and Communications Officer.

Fundamental expectations:
Commitment to the Vision and Mission of L’Arche as outlined in the International Charter of L’Arche, the Identity and Mission Statement of L’Arche International, the core values as outlined in the Servant Leadership Model, and the Mission and Mandate of L’Arche Comox.  Full support of the goals of L’Arche and of the activities facilitating the achievement of these goals is expected.

Commitment to be in relationship with Community members, participants, and personnel. Full confidentiality agreement to be signed. 

Starting wage:

Please email resumes to